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Covid 19


Please be advised that our courier has taken the following steps to reduce the possibility of infections.

  • All Seabourne staff nationally, have been briefed and trained and will have ongoing communication on latest best practice of COVID-19 prevention.
  • All their drivers and assistants nationally have been equipped with the following:
    • All vehicles with hand sanitisers and drivers will be required to continually sanitise their hands prior and after collections/deliveries.
    • Masks will be worn by drivers and assistants at all times whilst dealing with our customers on collections/deliveries. Should you experience this to not be the case, it is to be reported to or to Seabourne management immediately for further action please.
    • All vehicles will be equipped with Alcohol Swabs, to be used to disinfect the hand-held devices with each delivery and collection.
    • Gloves will be issued once stock arrives for drivers and assistants to handle all devices and shipments.
  • All persons entering Seabourne’s premises will be required to have their temperatures tested. If found to have a high temperature, they will not be permitted to enter the premises and guided on further steps to be taken. Those that may enter, will be required to sanitise their hands and complete a questionnaire prior to engaging further.
  • Designated areas for collection and drop-off of shipments at our facilities will be repositioned to limit exposure and access to our operations.

Please note that we are taking every measure to mitigate the impact of the virus and will keep you updated should things change,

Let us support each other.
The CellarDirect team

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